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“Our family enjoys and recommends Mr. Button Family Video films. The story line intrigues all ages. God’s Word is taught throughout each. They make wonderful gifts.”

Janelle, a home school Mom from Missouri

“I feel comfortable when my children watch Mr. Button Family Video DVDs. They are safe and wholesome. They have sound Biblical principles, and are exciting and enjoyable for kids. They have no bad attitudes or influences.”

Clint, a father from New York

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2 hours of Christian entertainment / DVD

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Surprise-Filled Western

Lost In Silver Canyon
Adventure Turned Mystery


A Tale of the Old West

With Bonus Film:
Hidden Treasure

With Bonus Film:
The Red Bicycle

With Bonus Film:
Dudley Dumpling

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1 DVD$19.95  $ 5.99$ 5.99  
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  • Delight your children with exciting, Christian adventure DVDs

  • Your family will enjoy these action-packed films all year long


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"DVD Sale" details: $17.97 for all 3 DVDs (only $5.99/DVD) plus $3.95 S & H = $21.92 (2 films on each DVD - see below for description). Allow 1 to 2 weeks delivery.

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DVD Hoodwinked! A best seller! A suspense-filled drama of the old west the whole family will enjoy. When convicted bank robber Hank Tagert arrives home after his early release from prison, trouble is waiting for him. An outlaw gang is planning to "hoodwink" him into a dangerous stagecoach robbery. His ranch is about to be repossessed. His recent conversion is viewed with skepticism. Only his daughter, Amanda, believes in him. Hoodwinked! A western adventure with plenty of action, surprises and excitement.
Music Sample Family film - all ages. Length 76 minutes. (This DVD includes a bonus film Hidden Treasure - see description below)

DVD Bonus Film

Hidden Treasure  Moving, heartwarming drama of the attempt of a Christian children’s home to salvage the relationship between a father and his son.
Ages 8 & up. Length 38 minutes.
(This DVD version is included as a bonus film on the Hoodwinked DVD - see description above)

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DVD Lost In Silver Canyon A best seller! A humorous, heartwarming adventure for the whole family. While on vacation with their family, Joe and Vanessa are separated from their parents and find themselves stranded in a "deserted" ghost town. Trusting God to send someone to rescue them, the children decide to explore their mysterious surroundings. What they discover is suspense and excitement, and a new understanding of the Biblical truth that “All things work together for good to them that love God.”
Music Sample   Free sheet music   Video Preview

Family film - all ages. Length 72 minutes. (This DVD includes a bonus film The Red Bicycle - see description below)

DVD Bonus Film

The Red Bicycle Surprise-filled drama. God uses a stolen bicycle and a mysterious new friend to bring excitement and joy to Miguel and his family. Filmed on location in Chile.
Ages 8 & up. Length 42 minutes.
(This DVD version is included as a bonus film on the Lost In Silver Canyon DVD - see description above)

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DVD Ambushed! A best seller! A tale of the old west. A western drama the whole family will enjoy. Action abounds when Gramps and Dudley travel back in time to visit the Old West and arrive in the town of Armor just moments before a daring bank robbery. They are befriended by Amanda and Peewee, and together the foursome sets out on an adventure full of excitement and suspense which culminates in a dramatic ambush. Dudley, as a result of his western adventure, learns important spiritual truths about the “Armor of God” in the 6th chapter of Ephesians.
Music Sample Ages 3 & up. Length 45 minutes. (This DVD includes a bonus film In Search Of Dudley Dumpling - see description below)

DVD Bonus Film

In Search Of Dudley Dumpling A fun-filled adventure for the young at heart! Floyd’s plan to save his radio station from financial ruin is daring: “We’ll make Dudley Dumpling reveal his secret for happiness to our radio audience.” Dudley, however, mysteriously disappears, and Floyd orders his mobile news crew to find Dudley Dumpling in 24 hours or lose their jobs. During their frantic search for Dudley, this humorous team of bumbling reporters provides fun and excitement as they discover for themselves the secret of true happiness.
Music Sample Ages 3 & up. Length 73 minutes. (This DVD version is included as a bonus film on the Ambushed DVD - see description above)

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Treat your family to action-packed, Christian family adventure DVDs that teach Bible truths, Christian principles, moral values, and old-fashioned integrity.

What is TV teaching your children or grandchildren? ...Secular Humanism? ...Or Biblical Principles? Our Christian videos and DVDs teach Bible principles.

Mr. Button Family Video produces quality, character-building, Christian family entertainment. Both children and parents enjoy our adventure films over and over again. Mr. Button Family Video produces entertaining Christian videos for kids of all ages and interest: western, mystery, humor, adventure, and heart-warming drama.

The products page contains a detailed description of each action-packed film. The film titles of our Christian videos and DVDs include: Hoodwinked!, Lost In Silver Canyon, Ambushed!, In Search Of Dudley Dumpling, The Red Bicycle and Hidden Treasure.

Treat your family to action-packed, Christian family adventure-dramas on DVD. Your family will enjoy them over and over.

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